Residential Upholstery

Angel's Upholstery sees your furniture like a work of art. With more then 25 years of experience, spanning 3 generations, Angel Montalvo is committed to bringing your ideas and creativity to life. For us, upholstery is more than a place to sit-it's a beauty to meet the needs of your home, business, and beyond.

Showroom/ Fabrics

We hold a selection of some of the top brands of fabrics for upholstery. We do mostly special orders , meaning we have our providers ship out the fabric that has been chosen , to  our workshop.  We also have a selection of fabric in rolls, with more affortable pricing .

Commercial Upholstery

We have worked with many restaurants ,Universities (TCU),  fast food chains ,clinics and hospitals . We make sure to deliver the quickest and fastest turn around , because we know that your business needs to be running as efficient as possible. As family own bussines we are able to stay over time if we need too, so we can deliver your project as soon as the next day if requested.  

Outdoor & Residential cushions

We not only sell outdoor fabric such as "Sunbrella ". We have over 25 years of making custom outdoor and interior cushions with any width , length or height.

Giving you the option to hand pick any foam density of your choice ,or  if you simply just wants to  replace your old covers with a new fabric using the existing foam.



  We refurbish various antique chairs, bringing back the original paint ,healing scratches,  restoring the old texture and paint it like when you first owned your chair .

Pick up & Delivery

We Also Provide Pick and Delivery service . At very affordable and low cost.

Slip Covers

We can make custom sleep cover, to any type of furniture piece . We adjust the cover to a perfect and tight fit , keeping your fabric from getting worn out or simply from getting your underneath fabric dirty.

Custom Pillows / Cushions

We make and fix cushions , after you pick your fabric we can make a cushion to the precise measurement of your furniture piece. We carry different sizes of pillows and densities, from down feather to polyester . We carry samples that you can touch and feel before making the right choice.    

Custom Furniture

We can design any type of modern furniture , made with durable wood that will last you a lifetime. You have ideas we can make them a reality .


The process

Stripped down 

We line up every spring to it's perfect composure, to provide the best support and comfort to your piece of furniture .

We can apply from sofas to ottomans , or any type of furniture.


Choosing Angel's Fabric

After choosing our fabric from our show room, we have Angel himself make the right and precise cut. With his 25 years of experience and dedication, he will put together and upholster, your master piece.


New Foam & Polyester Batting

 We also provide new foam and various types of densities. We offer both, firm and softer foam, allowing our clients to hand pick their choice that fits their style. Then, the foam is covered with Polyester Batting to keep the shape and protecting the foam from possibly wearing out.



This is the moment we are all thrilled for. After hard work and your anxiousness to see the outcome. Our team will deliver your piece to your front door, carefully placing it wherever you desire. Leaving you pleased and exceeding expectations, knowing you’ll enjoy your renewed piece.


Angel's Fabrics top Brands....



Coco Fabrics

Carole Fabrics

Charlotte Fabrics




Greenhouse Fabrics

United Fabrics


Where to find us ?

For Free estimate , all I need is picture of your piece or pieces to my cell phone number . To obtain a free estimate with approximate yardage and labor cost for your pieces .